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Ventura County Probate Lawyer: How to Handle an Out-of-State Probate During COVID-19

As we continue on in this time of social distancing and, in some communities, shelter-in-place, more and more people are faced with a difficult situation: handling out-of-state probate proceedings after [...]

2020-08-15T13:38:08+00:00July 22, 2020|Probate|0 Comments

Thousand Oaks Estate Planning Lawyers: How to Avoid Probate with Joint Accounts and Beneficiaries

There are several strategies available that Thousand Oaks estate planning lawyers use to help seniors and their families avoid lengthy and costly probate proceedings, including adding other people as joint [...]

2020-08-15T13:32:20+00:00July 15, 2020|Estate Planning, Probate|0 Comments

Ventura County Probate Lawyers: What To Do After a Loved One Dies

When a loved one passes away, the grief is often overwhelming and exhausting. Your emotional state may make it nearly impossible to carry on basic functions like sleeping or eating. [...]

2020-04-24T18:00:26+00:00April 24, 2020|Estate Planning, Probate|0 Comments

Ventura County Probate Lawyers: Everything You Need to Know About Claiming Death Benefits

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences a person must handle. The financial aspect that accompanies funeral and burial expenses compounds the grief, making [...]

2020-02-11T16:02:11+00:00February 10, 2020|Probate|0 Comments

Important Estate Planning Tips After the Loss of a Partner | Thousand Oaks Estate Planning Lawyers

Few things in this world are as devastating as losing a partner. If you have suffered the loss of your life partner, our hearts go out to you. As Thousand [...]

2019-12-16T14:15:08+00:00December 13, 2019|Estate Planning, Probate|0 Comments

Westlake Village Estate Administration Lawyer: Understanding the Basics of Probate in LA County, CA

The thought of going through probate in LA County can strike fear in the hearts of most people, and with good reason. The time it takes is long and grueling, and the paperwork is overwhelming. The details of probate vary from state to state, so the process looks different depending on where the deceased owns property. To add to the confusion, separate proceedings are necessary if the deceased has property in more than one state.

2019-09-17T15:52:37+00:00September 27, 2019|Probate|0 Comments
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