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COVID-19: Office Precautions & Flexible Meetings for Clients

As estate planning and elder law attorneys, our practice is dedicated to serving our most vulnerable citizens, including seniors, those who are ill, disabled, experiencing mental health challenges and children [...]

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What’s a Death Tax?

Sometimes people confuse the estate tax with an income tax, but it is not a tax on income. It is a transfer tax imposed on the wealthy at death.

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Is It a Robocall?

The scams tend to follow certain patterns, depending on the type of fraud the crooks are trying to perpetrate.

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Estate Planning Hacks Create More Problems

My idea: put our accounts in my wife’s name and put the land in our children's names. The way I figure it, when something happens to me, they won't need to do any of that courtroom mumbo jumbo that costs a few thousand dollars. What's your take on the workaround idea?

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