Warning: Scammers Are Tricking Caller ID

Just when you thought you knew how to keep con artists from ripping you off, here comes a new scam. This one is particularly devious.  It involves Social Security and your telephone. Scammers are tricking Caller ID to make you think they are calling from a government...

Estate Planning When a Family Member Is an Addict

Opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions, with drug overdoses now the leading cause of death for Americans under age 50. Families struggling with the emotional and financial damage, are the subject of the article “How to leave money to a family member with an...

Still Wondering Why You Need to Review an Estate Plan?

One of the most common mistakes in estate planning is thinking of the estate plan, as being completed and never needing to be reviewed. That is similar to taking your car for an oil change and then simply never returning for another oil change. The years go by, your...

How Do I Handle an Inherited IRA?

With an inherited IRA, in many cases the parent is the original beneficiary and the children are the successor beneficiaries. Both the original owner and beneficiaries need to follow some strict rules. nj.com’s recent article, “Inheriting an inherited IRA? Your payout...

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